Ido is a Los Angeles based Creative Director, Live Action Director and Designer. With over 18 years, his experience in advertising, feature film and branding has earned him a reputation for consistently delivering exceptional content. Whether he's leading a campaign on a global scale, spearheading a one-of project, or utilizing the latest technology with innovative graphic effects, he always brings his unique perspective and tremendous originality to the look and feel of the brands he collaborates with. A strong believer that at the heart of every project should live a story and a message encouraging consumers to be actively engaged. Ido’s creative approach and collaborative nature allows him to consistently create culturally impactful work. In addition to advertising, Ido has also worked in entertainment writing teleplays, features, pitching treatments, and working as an art director, production designer and stylist. Ido is also an avid fashion enthusiast and was the founding partner and creative force behind Los Angeles based lifestyle clothing brand, KINGS OF GLORY. He’s a highly motivated hands-on collaborator, driven by culture, challenges and aims to grow, mentor and create.

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